Find the most relevant Audiences
that fits your Business

Work with the most engaged audiences from all the social channels on the market for your brand

  • Manage all of your Audiences from a single dashboard

    Select the URL Source, Customize filtering, and Get started with all the right audience insights into one central dashboard by using project tab

Build and Scale Your Audiences in a Snap

Build your contact list easily and plug it directly on your different Social channel business manager.

Add your source and see the results

LeadMe gives you an estimation of the audience size and member profile with a relevance score.

Select and define all your custom filters

Data filtering helps you to choose the right segment and the most relevant audiences.

All your Contact list in one hand

Gather and view all your contact list in one spot into one simple managed LeadMe dashboard.

Manage your Audiences Sharing

Easily connect and share each of your personalized audiences on one centralized dashboard.

What our Customers are saying

"We have found that in the market, many companies spend their marketing budget to test and find their audience before actually targeting them. We bring an innovative solution that allows decision-makers to optimize their marketing advertising campaigns and generate opportunities for sales. We save time and money for marketers and business owners"

Alexandre Paquet
CEO Leadfox Co.

“Right after we implemented Chili Piper we saw a 50% lift in inbound meetings booked. We now see five times as many meetings as we did last year before starting with Chili Piper and our revenue is around 300 percent.”

Marc-Antoine Bouthillette
CEO Yummy Sports

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John Doe
Director of @Potatoes

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John Doe
Director of @Potatoes

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John Doe
Director of @Potatoes

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